Programme “Children and Youth at Risk”

The EEA grants programme “Children and Youth at Risk” is aimed at improving the well-being of children and young people from birth to the age of 26 in Estonia.

The main approach of the Programme is on prevention and cross-sectoral cooperation.

The total budget of the programme is 7 652 941 euros from which:

  • the amount of the EEA grant is 6 505 000 euros
  • the Estonian co-financing is 1 147 941 euros

The Programme ends in December 2017.

Main activities of the programme

The pre-defined project:

  • Developing an integrated system for supporting children and youth;
  • Assessing the capability and readiness to support the children and youth at risk on local level;
  • Implementing the parenting programme;
  • Implementing a family-based programme for juvenile offenders;

Open calls:

  • Capability of youth organizations and youth work organizations has increased to involve children and youth at risk;
  • Social inclusion of excluded young people and prevention of re-offending behavior;
  • Development and application of inclusive educational organization model and appropriate intervention strategies in formal education system to improve the welfare of vulnerable groups of children and youth.

Small grant scheme:

  • Community-based crime prevention measures;
  • Aftercare for incarcerated youth provided.

The programme proposal was prepared in close collaboration with the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS) as a donor programme partner (DPP) and other institutions in Norway. Programme will be jointly run by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research (MoER), the Estonian Ministry of Justice (MoJ), the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA)  and by the Estonian Youth Work Centre (EYWC) as a Programme Operator Implementing Agency (POIA).

The Programme Agreement can be found here, see also Addendum 1, Addendum 2, Addendum 3, Addendum 4Addendum 5 , Addendum 6 and Addendum 7.